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Yuga release stunning new packaging range for slim lipsticks

Suzhou Yuga Plastic Tech Co., Ltd  2018-08-03 14:45:35
Yuga's consistently cutting edge contribution to the packaging industry can be further recognised in their brand new range of stick packaging that boasts a wonderful balance of practical and stylish qualities to suit the needs of both companies and consumers.

With a diameter of 14.63 mm, the product is notably smaller than that of a standard lipstick container. This makes the packaging ideal for storing travel-size products and also for offering a more compact version of popular items to be used while on the go. The condensed size of the sticks creates an incredibly neat finish and offers a better user experience thanks to the slimline shell.

Possibly one of the best features of these new slim sticks is the use of anodized aluminum as the main packaging material. Used to create both the base and the collar of the stick, the result of this metal finish is a chic packaging that is perfect for offering a high-end product to consumers. It also allows the stick to be dyed in order to create a unique product and to match a company's branding requirements. This metal finish allows the product to benefit from a firm clasp, meaning there is certainly no risk of losing the lid at the bottom of a handbag and demonstrates how the packaging has been designed with consumers in mind. Meanwhile, the use of POM for the cup and the spiral means that brands can present a durable product to their consumers and also allows the product to be offered at an affordable price.

As part of their new collection, Yuga have also released a square slim lipstick case (SP3130).
With the shell made of AS, the product is durable and can be made in a wide range of different colours in order to create customised packaging to again represent key elements of a company's brand. A particularly handy feature of this new packagaing is that, thanks to its clear plastic shell, customers will be able to effortlessly view the colour of the lipstick on the shelf, which makes this a fabulous choice for ranges of products that come in various different shades. The product has a square base that measures 20.9 mm in diameter and also features a silver POM spiral that creates a luxurious finish.

These two new offerings from Yuga can be tailored to suit a wide range of needs and are a fabulous choice for companies keen to offer a timeless, practical, and elegant product to their consumers, all while managing costs effectively owing to the careful choice of affordable materials used in production.