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Two all-plastic pieces of lipstick packaging released in Yuga's latest range of products

Suzhou Yuga Plastic Tech Co., Ltd  2018-08-10 09:37:52
Since first being established in 2007, Yuga has continued to offer packaging that is both attractive and practical. Committed to utilising of a wide range of component materials, their latest release of products features two new all-plastic sticks.

The first is a circular product (SP3102) that features a transparent cap that can be customised using an array of colours to offer a product that is specific to the company's branding. This colouring perfectly mixes with the plastic base and also adds a delightful tint of colour to the spiral.

As always, Yuga has kept the consumer in mind throughout the design process and the fact that the colour of the lipstick or lip balm can be identified through the packaging without the need to remove the cap will speed up time while shopping and at home, thus ensuring an improved user experience.

Another stunning product that features in Yuga's new range of packaging is their SP3133 plastic stick that has a diameter of 16.96 mm and a generous cup diameter of 11 mm, making it ideal for storing full-size versions of products. The stick also features a gorgeous slanted finish on the cup and is very lightweight owing to the thoughtful use of plastic for the key components.

Quality is guaranteed with Yuga and their extensive experience in this industry means that firms can expect to experience a seamless design process as they tailor the products to suit the needs of the brand.