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Yuga's porcelain lipstick offers a delightful new choice to consumers

Suzhou Yuga Plastic Tech Co., Ltd  2021-07-13 17:20:09
Square, round, long, stubby, plastic or aluminum: Now there's a new lipstick choice on the market.

Color cosmetic packaging manufacturer Yuga has a brand new product in its make-up offering — a porcelain lipstick. This brand new lipstick takes full advantage of the world-renowned reputation of Chinese porcelain which has been revered globally since ancient times. Ceramics from China, whether pottery or porcelain, are recognized for their high quality and beautiful shapes, and the country's history in the field dates back to the Neolithic age.

With natural heft, high strength and hardness, ceramic material provides a different look and feel to lipstick packaging giving brands with the opportunity to offer something truly unique and special.

Yuga's ceramic lipstick is sized at 24.5x78.3mm and features a magnetic closure. The outer porcelain is produced from PCR ceramic material which encases a PCR-ABS inner.

Manufactured in Jingdezhen, China's porcelain capital, the new cylindrical lipstick is a stylish combination of tradition with modern manufacturing, taking full advantage of thousands of years of rich cultural craftmanship with the extensive technical cosmetic expertise of Yuga.

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