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Yuga is awarded Certified Supplier by Webpackaging

Suzhou Yuga Plastic Tech Co., Ltd  2022-02-09 14:10:21
Yuga has been awarded Certified Supplier by Webpackaging.

As a leading search and innovation platform for the packaging industry, Webpackaging works along with some of the world's most important brands, helping them to quickly and easily locate relevant packaging information and contact with packaging manufacturers and suppliers around the globe in order to fulfill their packaging projects.

Yuga's achievement of the Certified Supplier is proudly added into the company's packaging portfolio being periodically improved and updated, in addition to the timely and informative responses and products offered when contacted by the cosmetic brands and packaging buyers.

Yuga is one of the first companies which have received Certified Supplier, accrediting the reliability of Yuga's products and service.